About Us

National Rewards Group Inc

NRG delivers remuneration surveys, benefits surveys and other important HR information and development activities organised through “Sector Groups” covering

  • Upstream oil and gas exploration and production
  • Industrial and manufacturing industries
  • Energy (generation & distribution) and infrastructure (e.g. water utilities)
  • Metalliferous mining and coal mining.

Each Sector Group meets at least once a year at the NRG conference to share information and define the roles included in their salary surveys. The Sectors also meet between conferences to maintain contact and share ideas.

NRG's members are companies operating in the relevant industry sectors. Once a company becomes a member of NRG, any employee is welcome to participate in NRG activities as long as he or she observes the privacy and confidentiality requirements.

What we deliver

The two principal aims of NRG are to provide:

  1. Opportunities for HR people with remuneration responsibilities to share ideas, data and HR management information in a confidential setting;
  2. Professional networking opportunities built around an annual conference that fosters and maintains an information-sharing community of HR leaders, managers and practitioners.

To achieve those aims, NRG produces 7 salary surveys covering more than 500 carefully-defined positions across its industry sectors and a benefits survey summarising key metrics, policy issues and benefits across all members. We hold an annual conference in October each year to maintain the networking between members and provide learning and developmental opportunities.

The samples below will give you an insight into how members get such great value from their NRG membership:

  • Our conferences are packed with interesting and informative content. See the last conference flyer here.
  • The NRG remuneration surveys are very detailed. Each role is analysed in a 4-page layout. See a sample of the results for a mid-level accounting role here.
  • Our membership brochure may also be helpful. View it here.

If your company is in one of the sectors we serve, get in touch with us today to find out more!

Our heritage

NRG is an incorporated not-for-profit association that has served the industrial and resources sectors in Australia for over 50 years. National Rewards Group Inc was created when the Minerals & Energy Human Resources Conference Inc (MEHRC) and the Canberra Management Conference Inc (CMC) merged in 2010. NRG celebrated its 50th anniversary at the 2018 annual conference.

As a not-for-profit organisation, NRG is able to give its members unparalleled value at a modest annual cost.