NRG holds a conference each year, traditionally in September or October.

The NRG annual conference is where members meet in person and network, often forming lasting professional relationships that assist with their day-to-day work and also support and nourish their own careers.

This year our conference will go virtual for the first time ever. We will deliver the core elements of our usual conference agenda in a format that will engage and inform members and, as a series of bite-sized events, involve a wider audience than usual.

The conference program includes keynote sessions on topical aspects of Human Resources and remuneration practice. We also hold structured 'Sector Meetings' in which topics of mutual interest within each industry sector are discussed.

The NRG conference is a confidential forum where members increase their professional knowledge and gather insights into current developments in their industry sector.

Only NRG members are permitted to attend the conference. To inquire about joining NRG please see the Membership Application page.