As an NRG member, you already know what we do.  This page may help you describe NRG to your colleagues and contacts who might want to join NRG.  We welcome all membership recommendations!

NRG's main aim is to foster an active network of HR and remuneration professionals who share information and experiences. NRG promotes the network through its annual conference and Sector Meetings where members get together between conferences.

NRG's remuneration surveys are amongst the best in their industry groups because they are fundamentally driven by the members.  The surveys cover HR practices and benchmarking statistics as well as detailed remuneration data.

NRG promotes the development of HR and remuneration practices in Australia through its annual conference. The conference contributes to both individual professional development and networking.

Download our membership brochure here.  Please feel welcome to forward it to colleagues or contacts in your own network who might be interested in NRG.

Remuneration Surveys

NRG's annual salary surveys are collated by an external service provider, Korn Ferry Hay Group, but NRG members have a close involvement and control over the survey positions and the form of the results through their Sectors and the NRG Committee.

There is a specific remuneration survey for each of the following areas:

  • Business Services & Support - core positions common to all industry sectors
  • Coal mining
  • Energy generation and distribution
  • Hydrocarbons - upstream oil and gas
  • Industrial manufacturing, processing and consumer goods
  • Metalliferous mining
  • Senior Executives

Survey data inputs are collected in June / July each year and the surveys are released to members in September.  Only current financial members are entitled to receive the survey results.


NRG holds a conference each year, traditionally in September or October.  We generally meet at a location that facilitates interaction between members - such as a resort-style hotel venue - and in a place that is reasonably accessible for members from all around the country.

The NRG annual conference is where members meet in person and network, often forming lasting professional relationships that assist with their day-to-day work and also support and nourish their own careers.

The conference program typically includes keynote sessions and workshops on topical aspects of Human Resources and remuneration practice.  We also hold structured 'Sector Meetings' in which topics of mutual interest within each industry sector are discussed.  Sector Meeting discussions are confidential and closed to outsiders so that members can discuss sensitive topics with discretion.

The NRG conference is a confidential forum where members increase their professional knowledge and gather insights into current developments in their industry sector.